WL PhotoI have been privileged to serve on Belmont’s City Council since 2005. During the past several years, we undertook initiatives to help address affordable housing needs, improve Belmont’s deteriorating infrastructure, enhance our Fire and Police Departments, improve Park and Recreation facilities, and enhance the quality of life for those living and working in Belmont.

Gracie PhotoBelmont has always been a great city to live, learn, work, and play. Working together, we have made it even better.  We have built a new and fabulous library.  Thanks to you, we are now collecting more than $1 million per year to improve our roads and infrastructure (Measure I).  We are well on our way to enhancing our sports complex.  We designed and developed a new park on Davey Glen.  National Night Out has grown to more than a dozen locations.  I am proud of what we accomplished.  I am excited about serving you for another four years to build on the progress we have made.

My top priorities include:

  • Improve our Roads! Measure I funds have already been used to improve roads this year (for more information, go to Belmont.gov).  Finally, we have a sufficiently stable source of revenues to have a five year plan that will deliver meaningful improvements.  If the Transient Occupancy Tax is increased (also on November’s ballot), additional funds will be available to improve more roads, more quickly
  • Protect and invest in open space, parks, recreation activities, and sports programs for our youth.  We are actively doing so
  • Further stabilize and improve our Fire Department.
  • Additional affordable housing!  In the last few years we finally got several efforts off the ground.  We need to do more but we’re taking steps to do so.

Those are just a few of my priorities.   Please send me an email (Warren@VeritecSolutions.com) or call me at (650) 620-0000 and let me know what your priorities are!  Together, we can make Belmont an even better place.